Name: Delays to our waste collection service

Delays to our waste collection service

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2021 4:55pm

We always like to provide an immediate ‘heads-up’ if we ever encounter anything that could impact on the delivery of any of our services, and we have such an issue now.

You may have read about a national shortage of HGV drivers – not least because of a huge growth in home delivery – and whilst Dartford Council doesn’t operate any delivery lorries, we do rely on those drivers for our fleet of waste collection lorries. Dartford is fortunate in having some very dedicated and hard-working crews who have committed themselves to this community, but even we will be impacted by illness, self-isolation or vacancies. When we do, it is currently almost impossible to secure agency or replacement staff.

We have been managing this problem pretty successfully for several weeks now and whilst we continue to keep our fleets and bin collections on-the-road, we don’t want to disguise from you that our service is stretched. Lots of councils are in the same boat and, to be honest, we are coping better than many.

We are working on some longer term solutions but it is possible that some routes may be delayed and collection rates may fall from the high rates we have been achieving.

We know that can be a real inconvenience to you and we’re sorry.

Jeremy Kite, Leader of the Council
Steve Brown, Cabinet Member for Waste & Environment

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