Name: Independent Remuneration Panel

Independent Remuneration Panel

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019 12:35pm

Dartford Borough Council are looking for people, passionate about the local area, to join an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) to help review our Members’ Allowances Scheme.

We are required to have a Members’ Allowances Scheme whereby councillors (elected members) are entitled to fair allowances and expenses to cover the basic costs of carrying out their duties e.g. for travelling to meetings. This helps ensure people from all walks of life have the opportunity to act as local representatives. Allowances recognise that people are offering their time to act as elected representatives of local people so provide some financial recompense.

To ensure that our current scheme is appropriate, the IRP will undertake a review of the scheme.

The new people to be appointed to the panel will gain a wide range of experience and skills, including the mechanics and challenges of local government, the range of work and services provided, how councillors and officers work, how councils are funded and how money is spent. Training and support is provided.

Those wishing to join the IRP should be interested in the local area, be aged 18 or above and may have particular experience and skills such as awareness of local government, financial expertise, commercial skills, community relations expertise. They should also have the ability to judge the relative value of different roles undertaken by elected members and the ability to understand a range of information and ask questions, make recommendations and present findings. Additionally, knowledge/experience of job evaluation schemes would be helpful.

People are usually appointed to the IRP annually but the Panel may be retained for several years. It is anticipated that the upcoming review of the Members’ Allowances Scheme will require the panel to meet four to five times.

Full reviews of the scheme usually take place every four years to help ensure that allowances and expenses are fit for purpose and reflect current trends. Partial reviews may also be carried within the four year period.

Members of the Panel are paid an allowance of £279 p.a. and £14.28 per hour for attendance at meetings (apart from training).
Please note you are not eligible for appointment if:

  • You do not live or work in the borough of Dartford Borough Council
  • You are a member/officer of any local authority
  • You have close personal relationships with a member or officer of the Council or any Parish or Town Councils within the Borough of Dartford Borough Council
  • You work for any organisation which receives grants from the Council

How to apply

Anyone interested in applying to be on the panel can download an application pack

For full information on the role please download the IRP profile

Applications should be submitted by 9am, Friday 11th January 2019.

The interview date is provisionally scheduled for Wednesday 16th January.

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