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Manchester terror attack

Last Updated: 23 May 2017 2:35pm

Statement from The Worshipful Mayor of Dartford, Councillor Rosanna Currens and Councillor Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Council.

The events in Manchester last night reflect a new depth in the inhumanity of those who simply do not understand the strength and determination we have to stand up for a decent society, to support one another and defend a way a life that depends upon openness and goodwill, not repression and violence.

It is heart breaking to think of the pain and loss that now sweeps through so many families in and around Manchester. As flags fly low over the Civic Centre today we know that all of Dartford is thinking of them and also the endlessly courageous emergency workers and dedicated professionals who do so much to protect and care for us.

Events like last night make clearer than ever that we are one community, united in condemnation and rejection of those who seek only to bring hatred, division and violence.  They will fail because our shared values and strength as a community are greater than they can possibly imagine. 

Manchester's first reaction last night was not to meet hatred with hatred but to offer love, support and assistance in overwhelming quantities.  From first responders, stewards and members of the emergency services, to the businesses and people of Manchester who stepped up to provide friendship and compassion in place of chaos.

The murderers seek to bring division and discontent to a country that is built on unity and strong values.  Those values include courage, a respect for the sanctity of life and a belief in the goodness of people. Those with nothing to offer but evil and inhumanity will never win.

On behalf of the people of Dartford we offer our support to Manchester and keep its people in our thoughts.

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