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Sgt Pepper Album Cover Floral Bed

Last Updated: 19 Jun 2017 12:44pm

Every year, we have the privilege of choosing a theme for the Central Park floral bed and this year one particular anniversary offered a planting opportunity too good to miss.

It's fifty years since The Beatles released the Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and there is a very special link between the album and Dartford.

The iconic cover for the album, perhaps one of the most familiar artworks in the world, was designed by Dartford born Peter Blake and his then wife US artist Jann Haworth. Paul McCartney is said to have come up with the initial idea - a presentation featuring a mayor, corporation and a floral clock with pictures of famous people hanging on a wall behind The Beatles. But it was Peter Blake's striking artistry using the techniques, colour and collage now synonymous with his work which created one of the most recognisable images of its, and any other, time.

Peter Blake went on to design the cover art for Band Aid's "Do they know it's Christmas" as well as the Brit Award. He was knighted for his services to art in 2002. Dartford Central Library, just a few yards to your right, hosts the newly renovated Sir Peter Blake gallery named in his honour.

So today, one Dartfordian's creation based on a Beatle's idea of an album cover featuring a flower bed now finds itself as a REAL flower bed in a home town that couldn't be more proud of him.

Jeremy Kite
Leader, Dartford Borough Council

If you would like more information about the floral bed and the story behind it, visit floral

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