Name: WasteWatch success gains national attention

WasteWatch success gains national attention

Last Updated: 04 Nov 2021 2:42pm

The successful roll out of WasteWatch cameras around Dartford to clamp down on fly-tipping has received national coverage.

Earlier this year Dartford Borough Council placed specialist cameras at recycling points in Birchwood Road and in New Barn, both of which were repeatedly plagued by fly-tippers dumping all kinds of waste, including clothes and building materials.

Once the cameras were installed, fly-tipping all but vanished from both sites.

The success of the technology has been covered by local media, and last week was aired during BBC Morning Live, which has 1.5million viewers every weekday morning.

BBC Morning Live interviewed Dartford Borough Council’s Enforcement Manager Richard Cherry and Local Authority Supports’ John Roberts as part of their coverage.

To see the coverage, click here and watch from around 25 minutes

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