Cedar Road:

Tree Estate area

Plots are currently unavailable at this site.
Contact: Sharon Phillips
Tel: 01322 311265

Mob: 07876 493645

Dartford Road:

Self managed
Contact: Mr C Game
Tel: 01322 273338

Gore Road:

Self managed
Contact: Clive Bilby
Tel: 07542 477322

Marcet Road:

Off Hallford Way
Contact: Celia Dillon
Tel: 01322 401327

Maypole Allotments:

Contact: Mr Malcolm Hill
Tel: 07721 042760

Princes Road:

Contact: Mr J Letchford
Tel: 01322 270732

Tredegar Allotments:

Tredegar Allotments
Liz Blundell Tel 07398 760248
Email: info_tredegar allotments
Web: tredegar allotments

Wellcome Avenue:

Temple Hill Estate
Contact: Mr D Roberts
Tel: 07955 171662

Wilmot Road:

Contact: Waste and Parks department
Tel: 01322 343434

Contact Online: Contact the Allotments team at DBC