Since 1906, Central Park has been the green heart of Dartford - so popular in its heyday that trippers would come from miles around to enjoy the attractions, river and formal gardens.

Today, the park's mix of sports facilities, open space and gardens is still much loved by local people and after a hundred years it has been given a little tender loving care.

A century on, we have restored some of the Park's long-lost traditional features and put it back at the heart of local life. With your help we have made this wonderful Edwardian space fit for a new generation.

The Vision:

The Vision was to provide more recreation, more sport, more gardens, more entertainment and more places to rest and relax. We wanted there to be more for kids and families - a safe haven from our busy town.

We made plans to include the biggest single addition in the park's history and create a new entrance so that access was improved for local residents. Better still, it meant that Dartford's historic river would be back at the heart of the park rather than a forgotten boundary.

The Council with support from its partners invested millions of pounds into regenerating the park and fulfilled our ambition to restore it to its Edwardian splendour. The park has undergone some essential works to make this vision a reality.

Central Park is already home to a fantastic playground and used for sports, but thanks to the work completed to restore the park to its Edwardian splendour it now offers much more to its local community.

How about lazing on a sunny afternoon listening to music at the bandstand? Or children splashing in the seaside themed water play area? Your ideal day in the Park might mean tea and cakes in the cafe or a family picnic. Or it could be just walking the dog in the evening or enjoying the new wildflower meadows. You can now do all this in Central Park!

Current projects:

Projects which are currently underway:

Successful projects:

This vision has become a reality for Dartford's residents to enjoy with lots of projects which have now been delivered: