Dartford Heath is not only an area of outstanding natural beauty but it is also home to a wonderful variety of wildlife.

The Heath contains three ponds, Donkey Pond, Woodland Pond and North Pond, the infamous Glory Bumps and a mosaic of habitats including acid grassland, broadleaved semi-natural woodland, heather, dwarf gorse, orchids and a rare Kentish plant, petty whin.

One full-time and two part-time rangers undertake the day to day management of the Heath. The rangers also manage a volunteer group (The Tuesday Group) who carry out practical conservation tasks on the Heath.

The 314 acre Heath has played an important role in Dartford life throughout history.

As far back as 1660 there are records relating to its civic importance which detail a special ceremony that was held in honour of King Charles II that included regiments of horses.

If you would like more information about the Heath, or would like to be involved with its management, please contact Dartford Borough Council on 01322 285497.

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