The overall management of the parks is under the Council's Property and Regeneration Directorate, however the Leisure Services Section administer horticultural maintenance through Pinnacle PSG. This company has a contract with the Council for the horticultural upkeep of both parks until December 2016.

Open Spaces:

In addition to maintaining Central and Hesketh Park, the Waste and Parks Department are responsible for maintenance of a wide range of other locations. Totalling over 4600 individual sites these include:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Maintenance of Open Spaces
Question Answer Phone Online contact us form
When is the grass cut on Council open spaces and verges? Generally every two weeks in the growing season.    
Grass cutting has been missed, or the grass is too long. Who should I contact? Please contact Customer Services   Contact our customer services team
Shrubs on Council land need pruning because they are blocking paths / light etc. Can this be arranged? Shrubs are normally pruned in Autumn, however additional urgent pruning can be arranged.   Contact our customer services team
A neighbours hedge is too tall/shading my property. A Private Members Bill became law in June 2005. Please contact Planning Enforcement. 01322 343215  

Maintenance standards and operations vary between sites, being dependant upon the circumstances of each location. If you have any enquiries regarding Grounds Maintenance of any Council controlled land, please contact Customer Services on 01322 343434.

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