A Really Green Space:

For too long, Dartford's river has been forgotten and overlooked. We want to bring it back to life as a vital ecological hub and a haven for local wildlife, as well as a place for recreation; just as the Edwardians used it.

New planting, nature reserves and ecological features in the park will teach our kids to recognise and respect the natural world on which we all depend.

Bringing the Town to the Park:

We're not only looking to bring a better park to Dartford, but also to bring the town to the park.

The tunnels under Princes Road now connects the town through the park to Princes Park, the beautiful Brooklands Lakes and beyond.

We are opening up riverside paths lost for generations. Taking a walk in the park will be, well... a walk in the park.

New Facilities Above Ground; Old Ones Below:

And we're looking to provide fantastic new family facilities, for swimming, leisure and fitness.

The Park is steeped in history, there's even a buried Roman Villa to discover.

Green Peace:

For many users, the park is a crucial place of rest and tranquillity. We are providing new planting, new trees and new gardens.

The expansion means space for nature and plant reserve, a quiet haven for walks and a snooze.

We want Central Park to be somewhere to escape the pressures of modern life and recapture the feel of gentler time.

Child's Play:

We need to make sure that our children have a clean, safe, fun environment in which to play. And where better than the park?

Along with swings, slides and roundabouts and the Waterplay area, we want the whole park to be an area for children to explore, play and grow. They might be flying kites, exploring our new ecological island or learning to skateboard on the beginner's area of the Skatepark.

But whatever they want to do, we want the park to be the place they do it. And we want the park to be a reason for families to visit Dartford.