Online Policies Map

The statutory Policies Map for the Borough is available in an interactive online format - this means you can bring up the Local Plan text that applies for specific local areas of sites of interest to you. The static map documents can also be examined:

Adopted Local Plans- Core Strategy and Development Policies Plan:

Local Plan policies are the basis for decision making on planning applications across the Borough (including at Ebbsfleet).

The adopted Core Strategy 2011 is a long-term plan to regenerate the Borough by outlining where, and how many, new homes, infrastructure and jobs will be created. In support of the Core Strategy, development management policies are set out in the adopted Development Policies Plan 2017.

To help find the more detailed policies that may apply to your planning application, please see the Development Policies Plan A to Z individual sub-topic has been produced or the online Policies Map above. To see some of the key technical documents in support of the current Plan, view the existing Evidence Base documents


Other Development Plan documents:

  • The Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan forms part of the statutory Development Plan applicable in Dartford Borough. Policies in this Plan will also apply to relevant planning applications. Further information is available on Kent County Council’s website at
  • Stone Neighbourhood Plan: If formally resolved ('made') by Dartford Borough Council after a posititve local referendum result, the Neighbourhood Plan would officially become part of the Development Plan covering the applicable Stone part of the Borough. 

Habitats Regulations/ Residential developments 2022/23:

We need to consider the potential impact of residential developments of more than 15 dwellings in the east of the Borough on the internationally important North Kent Special Protection Areas and Ramsar sites. There is a formal screening/assessment process for such developments under the Habitats Regulations. Policy DP25 of the adopted Development Policies Plan 2017 sets out the approach and the updated Guidance for Developers 2021 provides further information.

For sites opting to pay a tariff to mitigate impacts, the amount is £18.39 per dwelling for the 2022/2023 financial year. This can be arranged through: