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Factual Information on National Policy and Housing Supply:

  • Dartford has completed 2,585 (net) new homes over the last three financial years up to and including 2019/20.  This delivery track record results in an official Housing Delivery Test output of 121% (2020).
  • It results in no sanctions of the Test required in Dartford. This means a 5% buffer (only)  applies on the  5 Year Deliverable Housing Land Supply, which is maintained with a deliverable supply equating to 5.63 years, fully compliant with national policy.
  • Dartford’s national 'standard method' figure (applied in the 5 Year Deliverable Housing Supply) is 776 p.a. dwellings. This compares with the Dartford Core Strategy 2011 requirement of 585 to 865p.a. dwellings.

To find out more about key long-term sources of housing, see the SHLAA,  the housing density report, or Brownfield Land Register page.