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The second Pre-Submission (Publication) Publication Dartford Local Plan (September 2021) resulted from rounds of previous public engagement.  Further details of these are set out below.

February 2021 Publication Plan:

The first Pre-Submission (Publication) Dartford Local Plan was published in February 2021. This first set out the proposed strategy and policies to guide development in the Borough to 2037. It has now been superseded by the second Pre-Submission (Publication) Dartford Local Plan published in September 2021.

Preferred Options Consultation:

A public consultation on the Preferred Options Consultation document took place in January/February 2020. This set out a number of options and preferred approaches. A number of handouts on key issues were produced to support the consultation.

Strategic Issues Consultation:

We carried out a consultation on the consultation on the big 'Strategic Issues' in June/July 2018. This sought views on how Dartford should continue to develop and was informed by a review of performance of the Core Strategy policies review of performance of the Core Strategy policies.