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A Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is background evidence required by government to inform choices in preparing a Local Plan. It cannot grant planning permission.

A refresh of the existing SHLAA is underway in order to inform the Brownfield Land Register, and to generate a pool of potential the long-term sites for Local Plan consultation and possible allocations. This can avoid ‘windfall’ development not supported in Dartford’s Local Plans. For general questions, and an update of the current state of play/ methodology, we have updated the note Frequently Asked Questions.

All identified land will need to meet rigorous criteria over a series of stages, with initial qualifying requirements ruling out nationally designated ecological sites (for example). Qualifying land is surveyed by professional officers. A detailed process of assessment against the methodology occurs for each land parcel. For any site to proceed (taken forward through the Local Plan) it will need to have satisfied all criteria and be found to be suitable, available and achievable.

For queries see the link to background information, call the team on 01322 343213 or via our online form

The land assessment details will be published in 2019, informing Local Plan public consultations.