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The Dartford Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) refresh will be based on national guidance and is similar in overall approach to the last Dartford SHLAA and elsewhere. Key aspects are covered in the updated SHLAA FAQ document.

Consultation was held in 2018 on a draft Methodology. Feedback on this and other current methodology refinements are included in the updated FAQs.

No findings have been completed against SHLAA criteria and national requirements at present. The public will be able to comment in future Local Plan consultations on how they are dealt with via the assessment.

Land subject to ongoing assessment includes either sites identified from existing "desktop" sources by the council (eg: planning applications received) or as a result of a "call for sites" period. Maps of land submitted for detailed assessment within this call for sites period are set out below.

01 Ship Lane, Sutton at Hone

02 Land East side of Lowfield Street

03 Stone Pits 9 and 9A

04 Biffa site

05 Small part of Stone Pits 9 and 9A

06 The Pits, St Vincents Road

07 Creswick Nurseries

08 1-11 Ightham Cottages

09 Land at Sutton-at-Hone

10 125 St Vincents Road

11 Land South of Hawley Road

12 Land at The Whitings

13 Park Corner Road

14 Hawley Garden Centre

15 King Edward Road

16 Land at Former Littlebrook Power Station

17 Victoria Road

18 Land South of School Lane

19 Stone Pits 9 and 9a (Land north of London Road)

20 Land at Old West Barn Westwood

21 School Playing Field at Wilmington Grammar Schools for Girls

22 Land at Stone Pit 1

23 Land to the South West of Green Street Green Road

24 Land at North Kent College, Oakfield Lane

25 Land surrounding Ebbsfleet Station

26 Malthouse Farm

27 St Margarets Farm

28 Highfields Farm Betsham

29 North of Shellbank House

30 Warrigal Farm

31 Land at Elizabeth Street

32 Church Hill Wilmington

33 Clock House Green Spice, Green Street Green Road

34 Land at Hawley Road

35 Land adjacent to Gills Road

36 Land to the rear of the playing fields, Darenth

37 Land known as Lords, Lane End Green Street Green Road

38 Land at Westwood Farm

39 Birchwood Park Golf Centre

40 Leyton Cross Road

41 Land South of Highfield Road

42 Land at Hollands Farm

43 Hook Place Farm

44 Orchard Shopping Centre

45 Land North of Edwin Road

46 Manor House Farm

47 Land adjacent to 2 Cotton Lane

48 Hook Place Farm

49 Longfield Lane

50 Chapter Farm

51 Chapter Farm Yard

52 6 Coopers Cottages

53 Land at back of Two Brewers

54 40 Chastilian Road

55 26-28 Westgate Road

56 Former Greenhithe Clinic

57 56 to 58 Spital Street

58 Newlands Darenth Wood Road

59 Priory Shopping Centre

60 Former Rowhill School

61 Wilmington Landscape Depot

62 The Limes Dartford

63 South of Steele Avenue