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Black bags as sidewasteOur refuse collectors will no longer accept additional waste bags left beside the green wheelie bins we provide and the reason for this is simple. As a council, we are under increased pressure to cut the amount of waste we send to landfill and to increase recycling rates - or risk fines from the EU that would have to be met by UK taxpayers. We feel that every household should be able to fit their non-recycling refuse into the green wheelie bin, especially if you are recycling as much as possible. What can I recycle 

These changes will not affect you if you do not have a wheelie bin and we already collect your waste in black bags. We'll take up to 4 of them per week.

If you do not have a grey wheelie bin or have special waste requirements, please call us on 01322 343290.

Waste Disposal in Dartford

The Waste Disposal Authority for all household waste within Dartford is Kent County Council.