Requests to change an existing property address are looked at on an individual basis and are only granted in certain circumstances such as those listed below.

All address amendments are subject to consultation to ensure that there is no address the same or too similar within the same postcode sector. This is done to minimise any postal confusion or, in case of emergency, so the Emergency Services are sent to the correct address.

The Local Authority are the only people who can amend your address, with the exception of Royal Mail in regards to the postcode.  There may be private companies that claim to be able to process the request for you but it is likely to be more cost effective and efficient to contact the Local Authority directly rather than through a third-party organisation.

Below is a list showing the circumstances in which an address amendment may be needed and to apply to make any amendments, please click the link below:

Address Amendment Request

Adding, Amending or Removing An Alias Name:

Properties can have a name associated with them as well as a door number and you are welcome to do this to your property if you wish though you must continue to use the house number in all correspondence. The only exception to this rule is on named-only properties which were not allocated numbers when first built.

There is £10 fee payable for this service.

Changing Your Door Number / Named Only Property Name:

Examples of why a number may be changed is the property was a built as part of a conversion project and numbered as 24A but there is currently no number 25 on the street or that a property was built at the end of the road and given a house name but there is space to continue the numbering scheme on the road which would aid location of the property.

We will not change street numbers purely because of any superstitious, religious or cultural links they may have. For example, a property numbered 13 will not be renumbered to 12A or such like.

If your property has no street number associated with it, the name acts as the main identifier. Changes to the name must be made through the Council.

There is a £50 fee payable for this service

Changing Your Street Address:

You may need to change your street address because the property has had renovations and the main entrance has moved to another part of the house no longer fronting the road which it is currently addressed from which could cause difficulties in locating it.

Requests to rename and /or renumber whole streets are only considered in very exceptional circumstances .

There is a £50 fee payable to change the whole address of a property. To rename a street, there is a £1000 fee payable.

Adding a Number to a Named-Only Property:

You may have a property that was built in a historically named-only road and not issued a door number. The Emergency Services now advise against this as it makes it difficult to be located easily in case of emergency. A number will aid location as you can gauge an approximate position within a street, for example, 5 High Street will most likely be at the beginning of the road.

There is a £10 fee payable for this service.

Postcode Amendments:

Dartford Borough Council have no control over postcodes. Requests to amend your postcode must be made to Royal Mail directly.


Please note, when an address amendment is agreed all internal Council systems will be updated immediately but external systems can take several months to update address information

If you would prefer to use a paper version of the application form, please contact the Property Information Team who will be happy to send you one in the post.

The team aim to acknowledge SNN applications within five working days from receipt of the completed form.