Minor developments are those that do not require a new street name to be created and will, most likely, be addressed from the street the development is on. This can be anything from a development consisting of a single house, 10 new houses, or even an apartment block with 300 flats.

Developments without new access roads are normally numbered within the existing numbering scheme on the road the builds are on.  Numbers will be issued in such a way that the scheme remains logical and understandable.  If there are a number of properties being built, and they can't be accommodated into the existing scheme then a sub name may be required. This is usually in the form of a building name for blocks of flats or a terrace name for houses.

Please note, sub names are only considered if there are no logical or appropriate numbers available within the existing scheme and it is not appropriate to use suffix letters.  This name does not have to go to Council Cabinet for a decision but the development numbering scheme will still need to conform to the Council's policy as detailed in the Street Naming and Numbering Guidance and the name will be subject to consultation. Once an application has been received, a member of the Property Information Team will be able to advise you if any additional names are needed.

All new numbering schemes must be approved by the Council prior to use.  Developments numbered by the developer alone may be subject to change and proposed addresses must not be used on any legal documentation or be distributed to the wider community until the official approval documents have been issued by the Council. 

The allocation of a postal address does not serve as confirmation that any building or structure has been authorised under Planning, Building Control or any other Legislation. Owners and/or occupiers may be at risk of enforcement action if any necessary approvals have not been obtained.

Dartford Borough Council will not be liable for any costs or damages caused by failure to comply with these requests.

To apply for the new addresses for this type of development, please use the online form below:

New Property Address Request

You will be contacted by the Property Information team once they have received your application to discuss the cost of the application and then you will be asked for copies of the plans of the site, including any floor plans in relation to blocks of flats.

If you prefer to use a paper version of the application form, please contact the Property Information team who will be happy to send one out to you.

The team aim to acknowledge SNN applications within five working days from receipt of the completed form.