Financial Assistance:

If you want to rent then there may be benefits that you can apply for to help you cover housing costs, see the Council's Benefits page for more information.

Most landlords will ask tenants to pay a deposit and one month's rent in advance, if you are having problems finding the deposit then the Council has a Rent Deposit Scheme, which may be able to help.

Private renting:

The Council has put together a useful advice guide in order to help residents find private rented accommodation and understand their rights as tenants.

Advice guide Looking for Private Sector Accommodation

Social Renting - Council and Housing Associations:

Social rented housing is managed by a local authority or a registered social landlord. Rents are normally lower than those in the private rented sector, however there is a high demand which means that this type of housing is limited to those who really need it.

Applicants who wish to join the scheme, can apply to the Council's housing register

Already a social housing tenant:

If you are already a council or a tenant of a registered social landlord, then there may be other options if you wish to move to social housing elsewhere, for more information visit our tenants looking to move page.

Types of housing available:

In Dartford the types of social housing range from flats to family homes, for those with additional needs there are also housing schemes.

Housing Schemes:

To find out more about the Council's social rented housing scheme accommodation, you can go to the Housing Schemes page.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Dartford Borough Council have developed a Deposit Guarantee Scheme to enable people to gain access to suitable affordable accommodation in the Private Rented Sector

Tenants Looking To Move

If you would like to move to a different home, but still remain a social tenant, then there are a number of options

Housing Register for Social Housing

If you want to move into Council or Housing Association social housing, then you may be able to join Dartford Borough Council's Housing Register