Decision Notices

(The majority of these are available via Public Access)

Free (for up to 6 black and white copies)

30 pence per sheet thereafter.  Colour copies - 45 pence per A4 sheet

FROM 01.04.2023: 32p per sheet thereafter

Copies of plans

Photocopying of planning application
and related documents

A2 size - £2.90 per plan   FROM 01.04.2023: A2 size - £3 per plan

A1 size - £3.40 per plan   FROM 01.04.2023: A1 size - £3.60 per plan

A0 size - £4.40 per plan   FROM 01.04.2023: A0 size - £4.60 per plan

Copying of coloured plans will incur additional variable charges. Please ask about these costs at the time of making your request.

A4 - Free (for up to 6 black and white copies) 25 pence per A4 sheet thereafter

FROM 01.04.2023: 27p per sheet thereafter

Colour copies - 40 pence per A4 sheet

FROM 01.04.2023: 45p per sheet

A3 - Free (for up to 6 black and white copies) 35 pence per A3 sheet thereafter

Colour copies- 70 pence per A3 sheet

FROM 01.04.2023: 75p per sheet 

Planning History 30 pence per sheet (information available via My Property)  FROM 01.04.2023: 32p per sheet
CIL liability search and confirmation £60 per property  FROM 01.04.2023: £63 per property
Research of Planning History £53 per hour or part thereof FROM 01.04.2023: £56 per hour or part thereof

Weekly List of Planning Applications.  This can be viewed via Public Access, or can be distributed out for a yearly payment of £97 or a quarterly payment of £40

You can request this by contacting Planning Admin