If you provided all the information we need we will make a decision within 14 working days of receiving your application. However, there may be some circumstances where this might not be possible.

We will write to you informing you of the outcome of your application. If your application was successful the decision letter will detail the period the Discretionary Payment has been awarded for and amount of the award. If you have been unsuccessful the decision letter will explain the reason why the claim was unsuccessful and give detail of how you can ask for your claim to be reconsidered.

How will the payment be made:

Exceptional Hardship Payments will be credited directly to your council tax account.

Discretionary Housing Payments will be made with your HB payment and will be identified by a separate decision letter. If you are receiving the housing element of UC the payment will be made via the HB system. Payment can be to you or your landlord.

Payments are made into a bank account at the same frequency as any HB payment, subject to any special requirements. For UC claimants the payments will be made depending on the frequency the rent is charged.