The easiest and quickest way to make a new application for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction is to complete our online form.

You should apply as soon as you think you need to as Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction will normally only be awarded from the Monday after we receive your application.

Things to have to hand before you start the online form:

  • Yours and your partner's (if applicable) national insurance numbers
  • If you rent, details regarding your rent such as how much, how often do you pay, your landlord's name and full address
  • Any capital you and/or your partner (if applicable) may have such as current accounts, including all accounts even if they are overdrawn
  • Any benefits you and/or your partner (if applicable) receive
  • If you and/or your partner (if applicable) work, your employer's name and address, wage slips or latest accounts if self employed
  • Any other income you and/or your partner (if applicable) may have
  • Your council tax account number (if you know it)

At any point you can save your online form and go back to it.

At the end of the online form you will need to read and accept a declaration by completing your name. You must therefore ensure whilst you are going through the online form that the information you have given is correct and complete.

When you submit your online application form please wait as you will be given a reference number and confirmation that it has been successfully submitted to the Council. You will then be advised of the original evidence that is needed to process your application. The evidence can be posted or taken to one of our offices. Please note you may be asked for further evidence once your application has been checked by an officer.

Do not delay, the sooner we receive your evidence the sooner we can process your application. If you do not have all the evidence needed, provide what you have straight away and then make sure the remaining documents are provided within one calendar month of your application.

Start an online application form

Please note the form may take a few seconds to load.

Return to a saved online application form

If you need help to complete an application form you can make an appointment to see a Customer Service Advisor at the Civic Centre. Please contact us to make an appointment.