If you rent from the Council your Housing Benefit will be credited to your rent account.

If you rent from a Housing Association, a Registered Social Landlord or live in exempt accommodation you can choose to have payments made directly into your bank or building society or directly to your landlord.

If you rent from a private landlord we will pay Housing Benefit directly into your bank or building society account. In certain circumstances you can ask us to pay your Housing Benefit directly to your landlord but only if:

  • You are having difficulty managing your financial affairs
  • You are 8 weeks or more behind with your rent
  • You are having arrears of rent paid to your landlord from certain social security benefits
  • You are unlikely to pay your rent
  • Direct payments will help you secure or renew a tenancy

We may ask you to provide reasons or evidence for us to explain why we should pay your landlord.

How often will I be paid:

Housing Benefit is usually paid every 2 weeks in arrears to you or every 4 weeks in arrears to your landlord.