Name: Hardship Relief
Description: Hardship Relief
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Hardship Relief

How do you qualify?

There is no statutory definition of hardship and the Council must decide on the facts of each case.  The award of hardship relief is discretionary and awards will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where clear evidence of hardship exists and it is in the interests of the local council tax payers to provide assistance to that ratepayer.

What do you get?

Up to 100% relief from Business Rates can be awarded to ratepayers who are experiencing hardship.  Awards are subject to State Aid De Minimis limits.  For information about State Aid please go to

How do you apply?

Applications must be made in writing and accompanied by supporting evidence.  To assist ratepayers the Council has produced Discretionary and Hardship Relief Guidelines PDF, 320.58 KB setting out the factors that will be considered when making a decision to award or refuse relief.

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