Name: Business Rates - Tell us about a change
Description: Business Rates - Tell us about a change

Business Rates - Tell us about a change

Please remember that you must tell us promptly about any changes that may affect your liability for Business Rates or the amount that you have to pay.  This includes telling us about name changes, correspondence address changes, registered office address changes and changes to your business premises.

It is especially important to tell us if you are receiving Small Business Rate Relief and take on another business property.

If you are unsure whether a change needs to be reported please contact the Business Rates Team.

Moving in to a property in the Dartford borough

Please complete and return a New Occupation Form.

Moving out of a property in the Dartford borough

Please complete and return a Vacation Form.

Any other changes

Please complete and return a Change of Circumstance Form.

Last Updated: 21st October 2020