Name: Pavement Licence
Description: Pavement Licence

Pavement Licence

A pavement licence is a temporary licence. It has been brought into effect for food and drink businesses such as:

  • cafes
  • restaurants
  • bars

This is so they can place removable furniture on certain highways, next to their premises. It will support businesses to operate safely while social distancing measures remain in place. It will also provide much needed income over the summer months. As well as protecting as many hospitality jobs as possible.

Licences can be issued for a minimum of 3 months.  They will not be valid after 30 September 2021.

Further information is available in the Government guidance at

Pavement Licences are subject to mandatory, national and local conditions PDF, 157.73 KB

How to apply

Applications must be submitted by email to

Businesses are also required to display a notice of the application at the premises when applications are submitted:

Any queries should be emailed to


Any representations should be emailed to before the representations deadline date shown.

Please note these temporary measures are brought in under the Business and Planning Act 2020. They are intended to support businesses and the economy to recover from the severe disruption caused by Covid-19. This includes helping businesses adjust to new ways of working. It also assists in the challenging process of getting the economy moving again. The new fast track temporary Pavement Licence procedure is a streamlined process. It is designed to support the hospitality industry to recover lost capacity by permitting additional use of the highway. The intention behind the legislation is to assist businesses in the most challenging operating environment in living memory.

The Local Authority intends to issue Pavement Licences to comply with the Act. This is unless there are good reasons not to. For example:

  • evidence or concerns relating to obstruction
  • insufficient room for disabled access
  • safety
  • crime
  • disorder or nuisance

These key areas are covered in the Pavement Licence mandatory, national and local conditions. Representations should not include anything already included in the conditions. Representations can include suggested additional conditions. This is dependent on the individual premises, if reasonable and proportionate.

Pavement Licence Applications

Below is a list of the current Pavement Licence application for consultation.

Premises Name and Address


Application Accepted

Representations Deadline

Last Updated: 03rd September 2020