Name: Electronic procurement
Description: Where possible the Council endeavours to use electronic processes throughout its procurement and payment functions

Electronic procurement

Where possible the Council endeavours to use electronic processes throughout its procurement and payment functions. Details of the systems in use are below.

Electronic tendering and quoting

The Council uses an electronic tendering system (Pro Contract) to issue and receive all of its quotation and tender documents. Registration on the Kent Business Portal gives businesses automatic access to Pro Contract.

The electronic process

Companies that express an interest in an opportunity will be issued with email notifications at all steps of the quotation or tender process.

For quotations and tenders the process is as follows;

  1. Businesses expresses an interest in the opportunity on the Kent Business Portal
  2. Business receives confirmation of expression of interest via email
  3. Business receives second email inviting them to view either a PQQ (pre qualification questionnaire), an RFQ (request for quote) or an ITT (invitation to tender)
  4. Business logs onto Pro Contract using the Kent Business Portal username and password, following link from email and downloads PQQ, RFQ or ITT
  5. Business completes PQQ, RFQ or ITT
  6. Business uploads PQQ, RFQ or ITT back onto Pro Contract
  7. Business receives confirmation of submission email
  8. Dartford Borough Council open PQQ, RFQ or ITT after the deadline
  9. Dartford Borough Council evaluates PQQ, RFQ or ITT
  10. Dartford Borough Council will issue notification emails to successful and unsuccessful businesses at each stage of the process

Accessing documents in Pro Contract

Click the link to access: Pro Contract

If you have been issued with a document through Pro Contract click on My Opportunities on the right hand side of the screen once logged in. A summary of the types of documents is then available; "My Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)", "My Invitations to Tender (ITTs)", "My Requests For Quotation (RFQs)" and "My Auctions" (not something we currently use). Click on the relevant document type and a list of your opportunities will then appear. Click on the contract id to access the documentation. For assistance with returning a document to us view the relevant guide;

PQQ completion guide PDF, 120.85 KB

RFQ Completion guide PDF, 59.02 KB

ITT completion guide PDF, 155.36 KB

Electronic Ordering

The Council uses an electronic ordering system the IDeA marketplace to process all of its orders. The marketplace links directly to the financial system Cedar eProcurement and eFinancials.

Orders are transmitted by either email or fax. All goods and services ordered by the Council should be accompanied by an official purchase order and the purchase order number must be quoted on all invoices sent to the Council.

The Councils standard purchase order terms and conditions are available here.

Electronic Payments

The Council is happy to receive invoices via email to All invoices are paid via BACS. Bank details or bank detail changes should also be sent to

View information about the Council's payment terms and procedures.

The Council's Legal Duties Documents

If you tender or quote to provide goods, works or services for Dartford Borough Council you must ensure that you have read and understood the following documents;

Informative on Councils Legal Duties PDF, 139.94 KB

Procurement Equality Standard PDF, 312.42 KB,

Safeguarding guidance for contractors and sub-contractors PDF, 367.84 KB

Submission of your quote or tender will deem you to have read and understood these documents

Last Updated: 11th October 2021