Name: About the Community Safety Partnership
Description: About the Community Safety Partnership

About the Community Safety Partnership

The role of a Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is to bring key local agencies together to deliver multi-agency solutions to local problems by pooling resources and experience.

This began with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 which set the stage for the formation of CSP's made up of the 'responsible authorities', ie: Local Authority, County Authority, Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Primary Care Trust and the local Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC).  There is also an obligation to work in partnership with the local Police and Crime Commissioner..

The focus of the legislation is contained in Section 17 which basically put states the need for the partners to do all they "reasonably can to prevent, (a) crime and disorder in its area (including anti-social behaviour and other behaviour adversely affecting the local environment) and (b) the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances in its area and (C) to reduce re-offending in the local area".

Community Safety Plan

Included in the legislation that governs CSP's is a requirement to produce a plan or strategy which sets out how the partnerships will work to reduce crime and disorder in their areas.

The joint Dartford & Gravesham Community Safety Plan for 2019 -2022 was released at the beginning of April 2019. The plan sets the focus and direction the partnership intends to take to further reduce crime and disorder over the coming year.  We refresh the plan annually to take into account changes in the demands of the local area, setting new priorities each year which are drawn out of an annual Strategic Assessment, an audit on the level of crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough.

The priorities set also reflect the county-wide Community Safety Priorities highlighted in the Kent Community Safety Agreement and the priorities within The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner's Plan.

You can view the Community Safety Plan here PDF, 458.03 KB


The partnership also invites local groups and organisations that are involved and engaged in the community to participate in the partnership's work. These groups include;

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Also invited are key individuals from the private sector; Bluewater, the Bridge Development, Ebbsfleet International Station and Land Securities.

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