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Dartford Borough Council CCTV

Dartford's CCTV system became operational in October 1996 with 21 cameras covering the Town Centre.
Within the first year of operation, the police reported a 33% reduction in crime.

Following a successful Home Office bid, the system was then extended to include A226, Temple Hill and Alamein Gardens and Dartford became the first in Kent to move to complete digital recording in the spring of 2006.

As a fully generic system, the scheme now boasts some 54 cameras with the most recent installations being three new hi spec anti-vandal domes covering the recently developed Princes Tunnels. All of these permanent camera locations are linked directly via the very latest state of the art fibre optic telemetry. The CCTV Control Room staff also have access to three Stryker rapidly deployable cameras that can be placed in various locations throughout the borough with live pictures beamed back via the mobile 3G network.

Those cameras placed in residential areas have been adapted with privacy screening so that they are not able to look into people's windows.

As part of Dartford Borough Council's Community Safety Unit and working closely with Kent Police, Metropolitan Police, London Transport Police and the Retail Security Group DTAC, the aim is to reduce crime within the town centre and provide a safer environment for residents, visitors and traders alike.

We retain digital footage for at least 31 days and will assist insurance companies to obtain copies of this footage if required. The cost of reviewing our footage records and providing a digital copy of relevant footage (if available) is £50. Please follow this link if you are an insurance company and would like to request a CCTV footage review. You will need to pay via a credit/debit card.

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