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Community Safety - Get Involved

11 Jan 2019 8:45am

How to get involved

Community safety is the reason for the existence of the CSP. Our main focus is to creating a safer, cleaner place to live, work and socialise. Although we work hard and invest a vast number of resources and time, we need your help to do this most effectively.

Think about it. You live in your area and therefore if there is any trouble you and your neighbours will be the first to know about it. We are at the other end of the phone, should the need arise, but there are things you can do yourself.

Should a situation arise, take the following steps:

Please feel free to Contact Us so we can advise you about your particular problem. You might also want to visit a local Neighbourhood Panel Meeting where local residents have an opportunity to have a say about what they would like to see addressed in their neighbourhood. Or perhaps you would be interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch.

If you are looking for tips to prevent becoming a victim of crime, see our Crime Prevention page for details