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East Hill Cemetery

The Main Cemetery

Open every day

8am - 7pm 1st April - 1st October

8am - 4pm October - MarchEast Hill Cemetery

Burial Records for East Hill began in 1856 with the first burial being Elizabeth Barnes on the 5th October.

The cemetery was originally known as the Brent Cemetery and contained within its six acre site can be found a variety of chestnut and pine mature trees.

It is no longer possible to purchase a new grave at East Hill Cemetery but interments in existing private graves are permitted.

St Edmunds Pleasance

Open every day

8am - 7pm 1st April - 1st October  

8am - 4pm October - March

St Edmunds Pleasance on East Hill affords stunning views of the town and surrounding countryside. In the heart of Dartford's Newtown community it is a green open space on the site of St Edmunds Burial ground which between the 14th and 16th Century was an important religious centre.

The most obvious feature of the burial ground is the Martyr's Memorial, a Gothic structure like a church spire, erected in 1851 to commemorate Christopher Waid who was burnt at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary.

Richard Trevithick, the pioneer of steam locomotion, who died in 1833 is also buried here. His grave is unmarked but there is a plaque marking the approximate site.

St Edmunds ceased to be used as burial ground from about 1857 but was not cleared of gravestones until the 1960's when the area was cleared and planted with flower beds and trees.

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