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Swanscombe Cemetery

Open every day

Swanscombe Cemetery

8am - 7pm 1st April - 1st October
8am - 4pm October - March

The Swanscombe Burial Ground was opened in 1885 and purchased at a cost of £493; the first burial being Ada Ayra Cleaves on 3 April 1887.

Within the Cemetery is a small but charming chapel built in 1905.

The well maintained 4.5 acre site features an avenue of mature trees, shrubs and rose beds with an informal lay out.

Entrance at the Swanscombe Street end is via a traditional Lychgate opposite the historical St Peter & St Paul's Church.

Swanscombe Urban District Council were responsible for this Cemetery until approx. 1973 when it was then taken over by Dartford Council.

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