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Sanctuary scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme works by allowing victims to remain living in their own homes through the provision of additional security measures to their property or perimeter.

The scheme is tenure neutral and a useful tool for the prevention of homelessness and minimising the use of temporary accommodation.

The scheme is only considered if all three of the following apply:

  • the perpetrator doesn't live in the accommodation
  • it's safe for the victim to remain living there
  • it's the victim's choice to stay.

Referrals to the scheme can be made by any person or agency. An outline of how the scheme works, the referral process and referral form can be downloaded below.

Sanctuary Scheme Procedure - PDF, 285.94 KB

If you have any questions regarding this scheme or other homelessness prevention measures that the council provide, please call or 01322 343907 or Online: Contact the Housing Options Team

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