Name: Customer access reviews
Description: Customer access reviews: In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and as part of our commitment to equality and diversity, we regularly review our services, policies and procedures

Customer access reviews

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and as part of our commitment to equality and diversity, we regularly review our services, policies and procedures to ensure that:

  1. Unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation is eliminated
  2. Equality of opportunity is advanced
  3. Good relations between different groups of people are fostered

The results of the reviews and their associated action plans can be accessed below:


Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy PDF, 321.79 KB

Whistleblowing  PDF, 1061.45 KB

Budget 2016-17

Budget 2016-17 PDF, 340.53 KB

Building Control

Building Control and Civil Protection PDF, 272.4 KB

Business Continuity and Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning and Business Continuity  PDF, 319.14 KB

Community Safety Unit

Statement of Gambling Policy PDF, 393.04 KB

Statement of Licensing Policy - PDF, 396.05 KB

Environmental Enforcement PDF, 446.76 KB

Community Safety Strategy PDF, 403.52 KB

CCTV PDF, 325.02 KB

Parking Services PDF, 332.31 KB

Littering and Dog Fouling Patrols PDF, 365.07 KB

Corporate Policy and Support

Grants Funding Process - PDF, 254.73 KB

Consultation and Engagement Strategy - PDF, 338.72 KB

Engagement of Young People - The Youth Council PDF, 241.01 KB

Fairfield Pool and Leisure Centre (Redevelopment) PDF, 840.64 KB

Dartford Festival PDF, 1021.09 KB

Safeguarding Policy PDF, 659.07 KB

Customer Services

Frontline Customer Services - PDF, 343.14 KB

Payment Access - PDF, 230.3 KB

Democratic Services

Democratic Decision Making Committees
PDF, 302.85 KB

Development Control

Development Control Charter - PDF, 231.7 KB

Electoral Services

Electoral Registration and Elections
PDF, 542.34 KB

Environmental Health

Promoting Healthier Communities - PDF, 1011.1 KB

Environmental Protection and Food Safety and Hygiene PDF, 276.92 KB

Housing Services

Homelessness Strategy - PDF, 368.25 KB

Choice Based Lettings Policy - PDF, 264.89 KB

Allocations Policy PDF, 555.24 KB

Disabled Adaptations Policy for Council Tenants PDF, 322.18 KB

Supported Housing Service PDF, 320.54 KB

Housing Maintenance Service PDF, 624.7 KB

Disabled Facility Grant Policy PDF, 320.55 KB

Private Sector Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy PDF, 614.6 KB

IT Services

Email and Internet Use - PDF, 971.44 KB

IT Security - PDF, 254.83 KB

User Acceptance Policy - PDF, 255.14 KB

Website and Online Services PDF, 332.94 KB

Legal Services

Data Protection - PDF, 1029.71 KB

Corporate Complaints - PDF, 1022.84 KB

FOI Procedure - PDF, 1185.11 KB

Policy for Interrogating Social Media for Investigative Purposes PDF, 445.41 KB

Planning Services

Statement of Community Involvement - PDF, 237.77 KB

Planning Enforcement PDF, 434.17 KB

Revenues and Benefits

Council Tax Payments PDF, 1034.13 KB

Town Centre

Markets PDF, 350.19 KB

Valuation Services

Valuations - PDF, 322.2 KB

Waste and Parks

Parks and Open Spaces - PDF, 240.44 KB

If you would like to make a comment, or would like a copy of a customer access review in another format, please contact us online: Contact Policy and Corporate Support

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