Name: Byelaws and Orders
Description: Bylaws are a type of law which local councils have the power to make.

Byelaws and Orders

A Byelaw is a local law which is made by a statutory body, such as a local authority, under an enabling power established by an Act of Parliament. If there is general legislation to cover the subject causing concern, Byelaws are not generally considered suitable. Since Byelaws create criminal offences, they cannot come into effect unless they have been confirmed by a Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Acupuncture Byelaws PDF, 328.09 KB

Burning of Crops Residues Byelaws PDF, 270.64 KB

Dartford Heath Common Byelaws PDF, 203.6 KB

Dartford Markets Byelaws PDF, 622.54 KB

Dogs Fouling Footways and Verges and Use of Motorcycles and Other Vehicles
Byelaws PDF, 649.98 KB

Hackney Carriage Byelaws PDF, 1492.11 KB

Hairdressers and Barbers Byelaws PDF, 482.96 KB

Housing Amenity Byelaws PDF, 438.17 KB

Nuisances from Snow Filfth Dust Ashes and Rubbish and for Preventing Keeping of Animals Prejudicial to Health Byelaws PDF, 1269.75 KB

Piercing etc Byelaws PDF, 593.65 KB

Pleasure Grounds Byelaws PDF, 2091.19 KB

Prevention of Nuisances Byelaws PDF, 534.59 KB

Public Conveniences Byelaws PDF, 576.72 KB

Straw and Stubble Burning Byelaws PDF, 610.67 KB

Swimming Baths Byelaws PDF, 595.98 KB

Dog Fouling

The Dog Fouling of Land Order 1998 PDF, 346.9 KB applies to all land within the Borough of Dartford and requires any person in charge of a dog to immediately remove any dog fouling that their dog has produced and to dispose of it properly.'Land' in this case means any land that the public are entitled or permitted to have access to and is open to the air. It does not apply to private land where the public are not permitted to have access.

A person is guilty of an offence unless they have a reasonable excuse for failing to comply with the Order. In the case of dog fouling, not knowing a dog has fouled, or not having the means to clear it up eg: a bag, are not reasonable excuses.

Examples of the type of land to which the Dog Fouling of Land Order applies:

  • Parks and public open spaces
  • Town centres, shopping areas
  • Roads, pavements, public footpaths, byways, bridleways etc
  • Woodlands, but not Forestry Commission land
  • Agricultural land where the public have access
  • Common land
Last Updated: 04th March 2021