Name: Council departments
Description: Information about the Dartford Council's departments and Management Team.

Council departments

Council Structure and Services

Led by the Managing Director, the Management Team comprises the Strategic Director (External Services) and Strategic Director (Internal Services), who are responsible for implementing the strategy laid down by the Council and Cabinet and managing the day to day delivery of Council services.

Managing Director (Head of Paid Service and Deputy Section 151 Officer)

Has  overall corporate management and operational responsibility and as Head of Paid Service, has ultimately management responsibility for all staff.

Sarah Martin - Strategic Director (Internal Services) and Section 151 Officer

Responsible for Audit, Building Management (Civic Centre), Cash Office, Communications, Consultation, Corporate Health and Safety, Corporate Policy, Customer Services (Contact Centre), Electoral Registration, Engagement, Equalities, Finance, Human Resources, Grants, ICT, Joint Working Arrangements with Sevenoaks District Council (Audit, Benefits, Business Rates, Council Tax and Fraud and Revenues), Land Charges, Legal Services, Markets, Member Services, Partnerships, Performance Management and Improvement, Procurement Management, Project Delivery, Property Information, Sports Development, Street Naming and Valuation Services and Town Centre Liaison.

As Section 151 Officer, responsible for the financial affairs of the Council.

Sheri Green - Strategic Director and Monitoring Officer

Responsible for Building Control,  Carbon Champion, Cemeteries, Choice Based Lettings, Community Safety, CCTV (Public Realm), Development Control, Development Plan, Emergency Response, Enforcement and Regulation, Gambling, Grounds Maintenance, Health and Safety Regulation and Enforcement, Housing (Landlord Function), Housing Policy, Joint Working Arrangements with Sevenoaks District Council (Environmental Health), Licensing, Markets, Parking Services, Parks and Open Spaces (including Horticulture), Parks' Rangers, Partnerships, Planning Enforcement, Planning Policy, Public Heath Aspects of Drainage,  Recycling, Refuse Collection, Regeneration, Safeguarding, Strategic Housing (Homelessness and Private Sector Renewal), Street Cleansing,Unauthorised Encampments and Waste (Refuse Collection).

As the Monitoring Officer, responsible for ensuring the legality and fairness of the Council's decision-making and the promotion of ethics within the Council.

Last Updated: 08th September 2020