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The Cabinet sets the overall policy and budget for the Council – setting priorities and resources to meet the needs of the community.

Each Cabinet Member has a portfolio of responsibilities for which the Member leads in policy development. These portfolios are listed below.

Councillor J A Kite (Leader)

Porfolio: Leader & Overall Strategy

Councillor C J Shippam (Deputy Leader)

Portfolio: Deputy Leader, Strategic Service Provision & Town Centre

Councillor A Lloyd 

Portfolio: Strategic Council Finances & Major Capital Projects 

Councillor Mrs A D Allen 

Portfolio: Community Development 

Councillor P F Coleman

Portfolio: Front Line Services, Customer Champion & Housing

Councillor K M Kelly

Portfolio: Transport & Infrastructure

Councillor Mrs P A Thurlow

Portfolio: Events, Leisure & Heritage

Lead Members

Sitting outside the Cabinet reporting to the Leader of the Council: 

  • Councillor A Bardoe: Waste, Recycling & Household Services
  • Councillor S H Brown: Arts, Sport & Recreation
  • Councillor M Davis: High Street Revival & Town Centre
  • Councillor C S McLean: Enforcement & Community Safety
  • Councillor D J Mote: Grants & Community Development
  • Councillor M I Peters: Health & Wellbeing
  • Councillor B E Read: Swanscombe, Paramount & Ebbsfleet Garden City Regeneration
  • Councillor A S Sandhu MBE: Business & Enterprise
  • Councillor R J Wells: Resident Communications & Consultation
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