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Councillor Roger Perfitt elected as Mayor of Dartford

The new Mayor of Dartford, Councillor Roger Perfitt, he was elected at the Annual Council meeting on 22nd May 2019. Councillor Perfitt is married to Stephanie and has represented Longfield, New Barn and Southfleet ward since his election to the Council in 2003.

Councillor Perfitt was born and raised in Plumstead and first experienced Dartford after cycling to Longfield as a boy in 1958 where he encountered the countryside for the first time and decided that this was where he wanted to live. He moved to Dartford ten years later and has lived in his current home in New Barn for the past 30 years.

Councillor Perfitt worked as a mechanical engineer on many projects including the design and manufacture of the lights under the fountains in Trafalgar Square, the fountain in the middle of Hastings and also designed and manufactured many of the large water features on cruise ships. He also designed and manufactured equipment for transporting military tanks by rail.

Councillor Perfitt has many outside interests and has taken part in the London sailing project which teaches teenagers how to sail and is a qualified instructor in sailing boats and power boats as well as for Outward bound courses. He is qualified in sub aqua instruction and has taken many children on their first trips underwater and has taken great pleasure in sharing that experience with them. Councillor Perfitt also has a keen interest in vintage motorcycles.

In addition to his work as a ward councillor Councillor Perfitt is a long-standing member of the Council’s Development Control Board.

The Mayor’s Charity Appeal for 2019-20 will support the Ellenor charity which provides the best hospice care and support for families facing terminal illness in Kent.

Councillor Perfitt will be assisted throughout the year by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Rosanna Currans, who was also appointed at the Annual Council meeting.

You can contact the Mayor through:

Mayoral Support
Dartford Borough Council
Tel: 01322 343402
Online contact: Contact the Mayoral Support Team

Residents, local organisations and businesses can also request that the Mayor attends their event by completing and returning the Mayoral Engagement Form PDF, 158.62 KB. If you have any queries please call Carol Butcher on 01322 343402 or Online contact: Contact the Mayoral Support Team

Last Updated: 04th March 2021