Name: Organisational Information
Description: Organisational Information

Organisational Information

Organisation Structure as at 01/04/2020:

Organisation Structure XLSX, 10.36 KB and Organisation Structure CSV, 1.08 KB

Senior Employees as at 01/04/2020:

Senior Employees XLSX, 11.01 KB and Senior Employees CSV, 1.25 KB

Remuneration and Salaries 2019-2020:

Senior Salary Count XLSX, 10.48 KB and Senior Salary Count CSV, 0.37 KB

The pay multiple as at 01/04/2020:

Pay Multiple Factor XLSX, 9.4 KB and Pay Multiple Factor CSV, 0.15 KB

Trade union facility time:

none for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020:


Constitution - Dartford Borough Council

Fraud 2019-2020:

Fraud XLSX, 10.26 KB and Fraud CSV, 0.17 KB

Last Updated: 04th March 2021