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Building applications: the building notice route

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The Building Notice route is the alternative to the Full Plans route. The fundamental difference between the two methods is that this route does not require the submission of detailed plans. This system requires you to submit:

  • A Building Notice application form
  • A scaled site location plan

The Building Notice route does have some disadvantages:

No plan approval is given for the proposals - some financial institutions may require you to have plan approval proof to release funds.

If you choose the Building Notice route then you should be sure that you have agreed what the builder will build and what is to be included in the price.

It places emphasis on you and your builder to ensure the work complies with the Building Regulations.

Using this system only one fee is payable and this is made when you initially submit the application. Although only one payment is required the cost is identical to the accumulated fee described in the full plans route.

Please note: You should be absolutely sure you are going to build your project as no refund or part refund is permitted once your Building Notice submission has been made.

Electrical work undertaken as part of the scope of a Building Regulation Application will need to be undertaken by a suitable qualified person. 'Failure to engage a competent person may result in a delay in issuing a Completion Certificate'... Part P Electrical Safety.

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