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How do I make a building application

Your Choice of Application Route

There are two choices of applications available to you. You can choose either a Full Plans or Building Notice Application. To help you decide on the best route to take we have included the following information.

Please note that the Building Notice route is not applicable in all circumstances. If in doubt please contact Building Control for advice.

Drainage implications

Please note, if your proposed work is situated over or close to a public sewer (shown on the public sewer map) a Building Notice will not be acceptable, a Full Plans application will therefore be necessary. Please check whether your proposal will effect a public sewer by contacting either your service provider or Contact Building Control prior to submitting your Building Notice application.

The building notice route - Apply Online Now

This is the alternative to submitting a Full Plans Application.

The fundamental difference between the two methods is that this route does not require the submission of detailed plans.

You are only required to submit a Building Notice Application form and a scaled site location plan.

The full plans route - Apply online Now

The principal advantages of using this method are that once your plans have been approved you will receive an Approval Notice. Your builder can then work to those drawings without fear of contravening the regulations during the building process.

You will also receive a Completion Certificate when work has been completed on-site.

Regularisation applications

An application will need to be submitted to apply for retrospective approval of work that was previously carried out without building regulations approval.

Pay for your Building Control Application or Inspection -

For information on Building Control fees, please call Building Control Admin on 01322 343204.  You can pay for your Building Control application over the phone by debit or credit card during normal office hours by calling the same number.  If you are paying by cheque, please make these payable to Dartford Borough Council.

Points to remember

Whatever option you choose, once the building work is underway, a Building Control Officer will visit at various stages to check that building regulations are being met. When the works have been completed satisfactorily we will issue a Completion Certificate.

Once we have received your Building Regulations application, you normally have three years to start work. After that time you will need to re-apply.

Don't forget! You may also need Planning Permission and will need to make a separate application for this.

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