Name: Local Land charges direct
Description: Create and account, and submit and receive your searches electronically direct to the Local Land Charges Team

Local Land charges direct

Due to the current situation in regards to COVID-19, we are currently unable to offer an onsite Personal Search service.  This is in keeping with current Government guidelines for social distancing and avoiding unnecessary travel and contact.  Personal Searches can still be ordered online through the Local Land Charges Direct portal.

Local Land Charges searches are still being processed at this time but please be advised that our turnaround time will  be slightly increased from 1-2 working days to 3-4 working days.  This is still within the LLCi guidelines which is 10 working days.  

Further updates will be published as and when the guidelines change.

We are currently experiencing intermittent technical difficulties which result in some payments being made but the searches remaining in draft.  Should this happen, please email with a copy of the payment receipt and the property address then resubmit your search using the 'Pay Later' option.  Your search will then be processed for you.

The issue is under investigation and further updates will be made when available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Local Land Charges Direct provides a fully electronic, flexible official search service connecting users directly to land and property information held by Dartford Borough Council.  As a fully electronic service, we no longer accept paper copies of the prescribed forms or cheques as payment.

Create an account and submit your searches via the portal, direct to the Local Land Charges Team.  Your search will then be returned to you via the portal making it easy, economical and expedited!

Official Searches

Local Land Charges Direct offers users the following advantages

Direct Access

  • From any web browser direct to and from the Local Land Charges team
  • No third party go-betweens
  • No add-on transaction fees


  • Intelligent web forms
  • Step by step process captures correct information
  • Pick addresses from the Council's central database
  • Upload a scanned plan of the extent - no online drawing
  • Get downloadable response document
  • No paper
  • No printing
  • No post


Land Charges Direct TM Group / NLIS Channels
LLC1 £55 £55 (a transaction fee may apply)
Con29 £110 £110 (a transaction fee may apply)

For more fee information please see our Current Fees

Personal Searches

Local Land Charges Direct provides a service creating a Complied Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register .

Information Provided

  • A copy of the Register
  • A Ordnance Survey Map of the Search Extent

There is a compilation fee of £5 payable on order.

Con29R Unrefined information

You can order Component Data from Local Land Charges Direct. Simply select Questions 3.7, 3.9 when ordering your Complied Search of the Local Land Charges Register

There is a fee of £5 payable on order. for more information please see Fees for CON29R Data

Other information


The system is not designed for dealing with cancellations; If you delete a search from your login to Public Access for Land Charges before its completed you will still receive the results and be charged.

If you need to cancel a search, please contact the property information team on (01322) 343281 or Online: Contact the Property Information Team

If work has started on processing a Local Land Charges Search a refund will not be given.


Public Access for local Land Charges takes most payments from a users Credit or Debit Card in line with council procedures BACS payments are dealt with council procedures. Should a refund be required, all refunds of payments are made directly back onto the original card used or back to the bank account.

Last Updated: 19th October 2020