Name: Local authority searches
Description: Information about submitting Local Land Charge Searches

Local authority searches

Electronic Searches

Due to the current situation in regards to COVID-19, we are currently unable to offer an onsite Personal Search service. This is in keeping with current Government guidelines for social distancing and avoiding unnecessary travel and contact. Personal Searches can still be ordered online through the Local Land Charges Direct portal.

Local Land Charges searches are still being processed at this time but please be advised that our turnaround time will be slightly increased from 1-2 working days to 3-4 working days. This is still within the LLCi guidelines which is 10 working days.

Please also be advised the online Local Land Charge Service will be unavailable from 15th to 17th September due to essential maintenance.

Further updates will be published as and when the guidelines change.

To provide our customers with an effective and economical search service, Dartford Borough Council has signed up with electronic search providers

In April 2017 Dartford's Local Land Charge Service went fully electronic the links on this page will give you all of the channels available for submitting a search..

Dartford Local Land Charges Direct

Index PI



Search Flow

Thames Water

TM Group

Some of the services use NLIS protocols to provide links to Dartford Borough Council.

The links above to the websites should provide you with all the information that you need to submit an online search to Dartford.

Our internal deadline for searches is 2 working days.

Postal Searches

Dartford Borough Council do not accept paper copies of the prescribed forms or payment by cheque. All searches must be submitted electronically.

Last Updated: 15th September 2021