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Community Right to Bid

05 Mar 2019 1:33pm

The Community Right to Bid, introduced by the Localism Act 2011, enables qualifying community interest groups to nominate local land or buildings to be included in the local authority's list of assets of community value. When a listed asset is to be sold, community interest groups with a legal identity will have the opportunity to make a bid to buy the asset on the open market.

When does an asset qualify for nomination?

For an asset to be nominated, it will be necessary to demonstrate that its main use now, or in the recent past, contributes to the social wellbeing or cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local community – and that this use will continue. Examples could include village shops, pubs, community centres and playing fields.

Other sources of information and advice:

Independent support is available from Locality, a national network of over 700 community-led organisations – see

For further information on the Council's community right to bid process, please contact:

Community Right to Bid
Policy and Corporate Support,
Dartford Borough Council,
Civic Centre,
Home Gardens,
Kent DA1 1DR

Tel: 01322 343470

Online: Contact the Community Right to Bid Team Online