Name: Search Planning Applications via Public Access
Description: Public Access reads information from our planning database, which is updated daily. For this reason a search for applications or decisions may return different results on different days. Please read the information below before using Public Access, particularly with regard to copyright.

Search Planning Applications via Public Access

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Searching for applications

You can search for applications in a number of ways, using:

  1. Simple Search - Search on reference number, post code or single line of address. When entering the reference number, do not use the DA prefix, ie: use '02/99999/FUL' and not 'DA/08/99999/FUL'
  2. Property Search - If you only have the address, then use this link and complete the details
  3. View Map - You can navigate to individual properties on a map using this link. Use the zoom and pan buttons and once you have found the property you want, use the identify button to show information relating to that property
  4. Advanced Search - You can also search for applications by application type, status, date received etc

You can search for Enforcement Notices in a number of ways, using:

  1. Simple Search - Search on reference number, post code or single line of address. To search on all of the current Notices, type ENF into the search bar
  2. Property Search - If you only have the address, then use this link and complete the details

Public Access allows you to:

  • Find out details of a planning application or appeal and to comment on current applications. You can also search for current Enforcement Notices. If you want to complain about a building already underway that may have breached planning regulations go to our Planning Enforcement pages.
  • View the documents associated with an application from 1996 onwards. (This includes the Decision Notice which lists any conditions associated with a decided application.)
  • See details of many historic planning applications; the earliest records available date from the 1870s although these early records may be incomplete or missing
  • View the Weekly List of applications received and decided
  • View property information by reference to a map
  • Investigate planning constraint information currently available. This information will be enhanced over time but some information may not currently be displayed


  • Public Access is not presently available between the hours of 3am and 6am weekdays
  • You will require Adobe acrobat viewer installed in order to view documents associated with applications
  • We are aware that with some combinations of browser and Adobe Reader that documents can appear ‘greyed out’ when you try and view them. If you click on the ‘greyed out’ document and press F5 the document will become visible
  • The tab Public Comments does not display information linked to the application searched as this would result in the display of personal information contrary to General Data Protection Regulations. You are advised to click on the tab Documents to see the representations submitted and consultee responses.

Conditions of use

Copyright Notice

Plans, drawing and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). You may only use material that is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Comments made on applications will be available to view on the Council's website, but in order to comply with Data Protection Regulations your name, house name/house number, telephone number, email address, signature as well as any other personal information, will not be visible. However, all representations can be inspected in full at the Council offices. The Council will ensure that telephone number, email addresses as well as other sensitive data, will be blocked from view on copies made available for inspection. They are also required to be sent to the Planning Inspectorate and the appellant on appeal. Further information can be found on our "How Do I Comment on an Application" page and the Council's Privacy Notice for Planning Services.

Information contained on this site may be incomplete and must not be used as a substitute for carrying out a formal Land Charge Search.

Further information

For information relating to any of the above service please contact the Planning Admin Department.

By clicking on the following links you will be acknowledging the copyright notice and limitations stated above

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Last Updated: 17th December 2020