Name: Brownfield Land Register
Description: Brownfield Land Register

Brownfield Land Register

Dartford Borough, including Ebbsfleet, hosts land that may be disused or derelict, having previously been developed. This is commonly known as 'brownfield' land.

All Local Planning Authorities are tasked with producing a 'Brownfield Land Register' every year of previously developed sites for potential housing use.

The official Dartford Brownfield Land Register (December 2019) is available :Dartford Brownfield Land Register (December 2019) PDF, 338.11 KB The Register is not a Local Plan and does not contain planning policies.

We& also produce a useful guide to the brownfield sites available for redevelopment.

A basic dataset for each site has been submitted to government, to make the information publicly available. The Brownfield Land Register data is available below in CSV and shape file format:

Access the Brownfield Land Register site plans.

This data is provided under the Open Government Licence. Please contact Dartford's Planning Policy Team with any queries.

Last Updated: 09th December 2020