Name: Stone Neighbourhood Plan
Description: Stone Neighbourhood Plan

Stone Neighbourhood Plan

Publication of Neighbourhood Plan

Dartford Borough Council published the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Stone Parish 2020 PDF, 4083.54 KB following the resubmission of the Plan by Stone Parish Council.  The period for responding to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan ended on 25 June 2021.

The Neighbourhood Plan supports the Local Plan and provides the opportunity for the local community to shape the future development of Stone. It sets out planning policies put forward by the Parish Council on green space & recreation, health & wellbeing, housing, local infrastructure, Horns Cross centre, and delivering the Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan will apply to the neighbourhood area which was designated in October 2016. The neighbourhood area covers the whole area which was within the previous boundary of Stone Parish in 2016 – see Plan Boundary document below.

Further Documents

There are additional documents published along with the Neighbourhood Plan:

Last Updated: 29th June 2021