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Bank Holiday refuse and recycling collection changes


Normal collection day Revised collection day 
Monday 25th DecemberWednesday 27th DecemberTwo days later
Tuesday 26th December Thursday 28th DecemberTwo days later
Wednesday 27th DecemberFriday 29th DecemberTwo days later
Thursday 28th DecemberSaturday 30th DecemberTwo days later
Friday 29th DecemberTuesday 2nd January Four days later
Monday 1st of JanuaryWednesday 3rd JanuaryTwo days later
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryThursday 4th JanuaryTwo days later
Wednesday 3rd JanuaryFriday 5th JanuaryTwo days later
Thursday 4th JanuarySaturday 6th JanuaryTwo days later
Friday 5th JanuaryMonday 8th JanuaryThree days later
Monday 8th JanuaryTuesday 9th JanuaryOne day later
Tuesday 9th JanuaryWednesday 10th JanuaryOne day later
Wednesday 10th JanuaryThursday 11th JanuaryOne day later
Thursday 11th JanuaryFriday 12th JanuaryOne day later
Friday 12th JanuarySaturday the 13th JanuaryOne day later

Please make sure your bins are available for collection from 7am on the right days.

Collections return to normal from Monday 15th January 2018

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