Name: Mutual exchange
Description: Information about mutual exchange and how to register

Mutual exchange

What is a 'Mutual Exchange'?

A mutual exchange happens when two tenants decide to swap tenancies (or when three or more tenants decide to move round in a 'chain'). Each tenant takes over the terms of each other's tenancy with any rights or limitations that go with it.

How does it work?

Tenants may join any mutual exchange scheme or look for an exchange themselves; however the Council is a member of HomeSwapper which is provided as a free service for all users. HomeSwapper enables tenants to advertise their property and look for other tenants to exchange with.

Visit the HomeSwapper web pages to find out how to join the scheme, how the scheme works and a list of frequently asked questions at

I have found someone to exchange with, what do I do next?

Once a tenant has found someone to swap with they must seek permission from their landlord; council tenants and those they exchange with must both complete the Online Mutual Exchange Form or download and complete a permission to mutual exchange form PDF, 256.53 KB.

Do I have to pay for removal costs?

Yes, tenants going ahead with a mutual exchange pay all their own removal costs and incidental expenses.

You should never accept any offer of a payment or inducement to carry out an exchange as this is illegal and could lead to you losing your home.

Please note that tenants moving by Mutual Exchange do not qualify for the Council's Downsize for Cash.

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