Name: Other Parking Information
Description: Other Parking Information

Other Parking Information

Parking Reports

This parking report PDF, 1893.74 KB provides information about Dartford Borough Council's Parking Services including its legislative provision, service objectives, operational activities and the flexibility and constraints within legislative powers and processes that affect service delivery.

Civil Enforcement and Parking Services Annual Report 2017-2018 PDF, 4402.99 KB

  • Parking information for the disabled

    Disabled parking

    Blue Badges are issued by The Blue Badge Service at Kent County Council and further information about eligibility is available on its website

  • Parking Permit Information

    Parking management regulations

    Controlled parking areas can be implemented using a mixture of the following kerb-space management regulations

  • Form being completed


    A dispensation can be issued for a vehicle if the driver is carrying out works to a particular premises where there are parking restrictions in place and if the vehicle is required close to the premises in order to allow constant access to it for tools, materials, etc

  • Road and markings

    Vehicle access markings

    Kent County Council installs vehicle crossovers and a the Council installs Vehicle Access Markings, which is the white line installed in front of a 'vehicle crossover'

  • Parking Services and Information

    Bay suspension requests

    An on-street bay regulation may be suspended by 'Notice' in order to facilitate works in or next to the bay

Last Updated: 20th November 2019